Metal Doors that Slide in to Your Heart


Metal doors are the new hotness, and not just in the summer. In fact, they are  constantly blowing away the competition.

Compared to our competition, our doors are lighter, stronger, more sound proof, thermally insulated, and just all around larger.

Exterior steel sliding doors

Because of the patented and patent pending technology in our doors, we can offer exceptional thermal insulation capabilities of 3-6.5 R per inch of door thickness. Additionally, the dense foam used in every one of our panels helps to eliminate exterior noises.

Yet, our steel exterior provides the same fire-retardation and security that you have come to expect from a top of the line steel door.

Best of all, the weight of our doors is much less than the competitors, allowing for the use of higher quality and lower cost hardware, increased lifetime, and easier operation.

Residential sliding metal doors

Although our doors work great in commercial and industrial applications, we proved a wide range of stylish, modern options for the discerning  home owner. With a wide range of metal skin selections including:

  • Cold rolled steel
  • Hot rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless
  • and more!

there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t stand out on your block while investing in a door panel that will last you a lifetime.

Industrial steel sliding doors

In the industrial space, function is key. And, that’s exactly were we shine. Our products are built to perform and come with a peerless 50-year guarantee. Where most companies won’t even guarantee they will be in business in the next 50 years, we are certain enough of our success and the quality of our products that we know that we cannot fail.

Combined with this certainty is the knowledge to produce exceptionally large doors of any dimensions. Our patented core material has no practical limit on size, and can be produced in segments for convenient shipping and on-site assembly.

Industrial applications include:

  • Aviation
  • Agricultural
  • Roll doors
  • Stack doors

Metal building sliding doors

To match your metal building, you certainly need a metal door. Because we make all our panels to spec and to order, there is no reason why we couldn’t produce a door panel that exactly matches your needs.

We produce panels to any size and to support hardware of any configuration. All we need to know is the length, width, and height of the panel. Along with skin material, and hardware blocking locations. And, the location of any window openings.

Commercial metal sliding doors

Commercial metal doors are the perfect intersection of form and function. Combining the requirements of residential (superior looks) and industrial (superior function) there is no better option to fit your needs than one of our oversize sliding metal doors.

Exterior metal sliding barn door

Need a barn door? We have you covered! For Large Metal Door, there is no metal door too large to tackle. Where form meets function, is where our supply meets the demand.

cold rolled steel

Steel bifold patio doors

An amazing design for an amazing project. Steel bifold patio doors are the exception rather than the rule. Any client lucky enough to take the leap in to one of our bifold patio door options will be thanking themselves for decades to come.

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