All About Exterior Metal Doors

Show of your best side with an eye catching exterior large oversize metal door. Our metal doors, manufactured exclusively here at Large Metal Doors, are the talk of the town and may exceed even your wildest expectations

How much do metal doors cost?

I’m going to be honest with you. Our metal doors are only for the highest end most expensive homes and businesses in America and around the world.

Because we make every door custom, the price can vary quite a bit from project to project based on the size, quantity, and skin material of the panels. The best way to get a quote from us is to submit a price quote request.

How much are exterior doors?

Exterior doors need not be much more expensive than interior doors. But they are best left to the professionals.

Our metal door products have a wooden edge and core which must be protected from the elements in order to function safely for the duration of their lifetime. Since we ship all our panels in a “unfinished” state, they need sealing and/or additional cover from the building.

What is the best material for a front door?

We recommend a front door made out of one of the following:

  • Steel (cold rolled, or hot rolled)
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized

What is a metal clad door?

Our doors are metal clad doors, which means that the core itself is not metal. And, is permanently bonded to a metal exterior. This metal exterior is key to the strength of the door, and cannot be sold separately from our core material

Aluminum Metal Doors Made With the Best Tolerances

What is a slab door?

A slab door is a clean rectangular prism. There are no surface features or trim, as you might expect on a traditional panel door. Our panels can look like they are cut out of a single piece of metal or wood, but without all the excessive weight.

What is a Prehung door?

A prehung door comes with hardware and a frame, all pre-aligned and installed. This makes door installation much quicker and easier.

We do not sell pre-hung doors. For high end doors of the calibre that we provide, pre-hung is simply not an option. Every door needs to be expertly fitted in place by a trade professional at the top of their craft.

If you are not able to hang the door yourself, consider contacting a millwork in your area, and specify that you want Large Metal Doors installed in your residence.

How do I know if I need a Prehung door?

If you are not comfortable hanging a door yourself, then we are not the right supplier for you. We only provide panels to trade professionals including contractors, millworks, and architects.

For those home owners and business owners that have the good sense to go only for the best Large Metal Doors on the market but don’t have expertise to install a raw metal panel that we provide, you are best off contacting a contractor or millwork in your area to complete finishing and installation.

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