Metal Doors

Not all metal doors are created equal. The reputation of metal doors for sustainability leaves something to be desired as metal doors are notorious for creating toxic environments from basic metalworking, such as the welding of metal doors.

Welding a metal door compromises the structural integrity of the door, while causing fluctuations throughout the metal span reducing the precision of the doors. The slightest imperfect can in a sense contract cancer causing your metal door to start the process of premature deterioration.

No problem for the high precision specialists at Large Metal Doors dot com. For years, we have been providing Eco-friendly metal doors to our prestigious clientele covering the entire metal door spectrum from commercial metal doors to industrial metal doors.

We use a high precision patented solid composite metal door core which enables us to build the flattest, most perfectly straight metal doors in the world without having to release harmful metal working toxins into the environment.

Our process and this high precision hybrid core (+/- .006 in.) is so unique that it is the only way to build very large metal doors that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Your metal doors are not limited to stock metals, as our metal doors can be made of any type of ferrous and nonferrous metal doors metal, such as aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, etc…

Heavy Duty Steel Security Doors

When applied to high-end heavy-duty steel security doors, Large Metal Doors out-perform and out-last other metal doors available throughout the door industry. That is, unless you happen to have a door that we’ve helped you build. In that case, you have a metal door which has been built to last for centuries, but guaranteed to last 50 years with no warp, bend, twist, cup, including our fail-free structure warranty for 50 years.

Insulated Metal Door

Our patented custom steel doors are not only incomparably straight and true when compared to other metal doors, our doors provide insulation qualities which are unachievable otherwise, including being fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control.

You get your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 insulation per inch, in long-lasting, Eco-friendly metal doors which though they are made from metal carry a very small carbon footprint.

Steel Entry Door

Steel entry doors are our specialty, especially if your large steel front entry door might be facing the sun or exposed to the elements. This new revolutionary steel entry door is ready to takes its place high above the traditional metal doors of yesterday.

You can have just about any look your heart desires as our custom steel entry doors are like one-of-a-kind works of art. You design the steel entry door you want, and we work hand in hand with your millwork or custom door manufacturer to make your dream doors come to life.

Beautiful Hot Rolled Steel Large Metal Door

Institutional Metal Doors

Large metal doors which are installed as institutional metal doors are not only oversized, but they are lightweight, insulated, and may be lead-lined doors which offer high degrees of protection against radiation and other exposure to potential harmful energies.

Large Metal Security Doors

Our large metal security doors are protecting the top industrial, government, and military installations, whether you’re looking for bulletproof metal doors, impact resistant metal doors, or sound proof metal doors, Large Metal Doors will help you attain the highest performance benchmarks without all the weight or high maintenance.

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