Custom Security Doors

American Made Custom Security Doors For The Best Builders


Have you been in the situation where you needed large doors with exacting standards like warp free and strength? Our patented and patent pending cores are all-American, home grown hand crafted right here in the U.S. of A.

aluminum sliding doors lightweight metal sliding doors
High Strength Lightweight Metal Doors. Guaranteed Warp Free For 50 Years!

Security Doors

Having a metal door is the best deterrent to any burglar. Your castle needs a strong, imposing door to make a statement of strength and fidelity. When it comes to strong doors, metal is the best choice for all applications.  Deterring would-be attackers to your castle is almost as important as keeping determined bad actors out.  With the top custom security doors in the industry, our custom panels are built for longevity, and for your purposes, security.

Custom Security Door


Beautifully Custom

Don’t settle for security at the expense of aesthetics. Our security core can be  clad in a wide range of material, custom selected by you. Our master woodworker sources a wide variety of materials including hardwood Oak and Mahogany. Most Millworks are skilled in intricate designs, making each door built an artistic piece of historical architecture.


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