The Best Large Metal Doors in the World

Radley Mason

Metal doors have become a staple of higher end building ever since humans have figured out how to forge metal. They have always been reserved for higher end applications, but today they’re gaining steam more than ever, because of renewed concerns about security.

Beauty and Function

High Strength Light Weight Cold Rolled Steel Panel
High Strength Light Weight Cold Rolled Steel

Look at how beautiful this panel is. It has light weight, high strength cold rolled steel skin. Only Sing Core has this!

No one else can make doors in any size, any skin, eco-friendly, light weight, built to last a lifetime, and more!


Super High Strength

Because of the demanding nature of factories and industrial purposes, large factory doors for facilities and manufacturing plants must be much stronger than your average door. They must hold up rigorous use, often in the most intense conditions in order to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Many times, companies will buy cheaper doors, because they believe they are getting a better deal.

What they find is that their doors hardly last five years and don’t come with a guarantee. Low budget doors tend to warp very easily, because they do not contain the structural reinforcement to keep them straight like our doors. Budget doors also crush and skew very easily, because they use inadequate structural elements and very poor materials. All in all, our doors are only among large industrial doors really meant for commercial use.


Ultra Light Weight

Because large factory doors must be bigger to accommodate large amounts of freight, vehicles, and other items that are far too large to fit into a standard size opening, they tend to weigh much more than standard doors. Most large factory doors are effectively too heavy for practical purposes. Either they require large amounts of manpower, sometimes two or three people to operate, they require a heavy duty sophisticated motor system to open the door, or else they cease to function shortly after installation, because of undue stress on the components.

Laborers in Bankok Thailand Carry this Massive Panel With Ease

In Bankok Thailand, laborers carry this enormous door as if it’s a twig. No one else can make a panel so strong, yet light.

We have solved all those problems with our new construction methods.

We can build the door lighter than anyone else. Even when you consider that the door has a metal surface and metal appearance. Because our metal doors are easily up to 90% lighter than solid metal doors from competitors. With our superior technology, you can save huge amounts of money by using less expensive, lighter weight door hardware.


Any Skin

We realize that the look and feel of your doors is one of the most important things in terms of impressing your family, friends, and business associates. That’s why we offer so many skin choices. Not only that, but there are different skins that allow for different types of uses. You can get beautiful hot rolled steel finish, which gives you a more artistic appearance. You can get the nice shiny finish of cold rolled steel, which creates a very durable, clean appearance.

Beautiful Hot Rolled Steel Large Metal Door

You can also get the incredible aluminum skin panels, which gives you an amazing matte metal finish, but allows your door to have superior weather resistance. Also, you can select anodized aluminum or powder coated steel, which give you a lovely, stylish look on your doors.

As we move further into the 21st century large metal doors will account for a larger and larger share of construction components. That’s why we recommend our large metal doors to all customers.

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