Recent Evolution of Large Metal Doors

by Lance Yeager

In recent years, many manufacturers have been at a standstill when it comes to updating age old door styles. Solid steel doors have been ousted in favor of hollow core metal doors that are light in weight, but prone to denting and crushing. The majority of doors made in Asia are more susceptible to being crushed or bent. More and more of the doors are being manufactured in China, where quality control is poor and the doors are much more easily bent and broken.

American doors are typically much stronger and durable. We recommend only buying American made doors, of course, for the quality aspects. When it comes down to it, metal doors offer quite a few advantages over wood doors, especially when security, privacy, and sound deadening capabilities are important on your list.

Cold Rolled Look

Cold Rolled Steel Panel Corner

Large Metal Doors Colled Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel large metal doors are a favorite among conventional door lovers. It gives a high end, clean, shiny silver finish that will turn heads and impress your friends, neighbors, customers, and competitors. No Matter what your preference for doors and finishes, this cold rolled steel look is bound to please your eyes. The durability is also notable. These doors are less susceptible to scratching and denting, and offer great security and overall utility. The drawback of cold rolled steel is that they are highly susceptible to rusting and other weather damage. For proper use, these types of doors must be properly sealed and clear coated. With proper treatment, these doors can last indefinitely.

Hot Rolled Look

Large Metal Sliding Door Man Door

Hot rolled steel large metal doors are known as some of the most versatile doors out there. If you want the pinnacle of artistry when it comes to your large metal doors, hot rolled steel can offer you that extra boost in terms of aesthetics. Like cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel offers fantastic durability and strength that can give you better durability and security. Hot rolled steel is also similar to cold rolled steel in that it is susceptible to rusting, corrosion, and other weather damage associated with bare steel. For proper use, we recommend to treat your hot rolled steel doors with clear coats that are appropriate for use with steel products. Hot rolled steel can have a dark, complex, organic appearance that sometimes looks like the surface is charred or oxidized. Many customers truly appreciate this appearance for its artistic quality.

Aluminum Look

aluminum sliding doors lightweight metal sliding doors
High Strength Lightweight Metal Doors.

Aluminum Metal Doors Made With the Best Tolerances

Aluminum doors are great when you need super light weight, secure large metal doors that have great visual appeal. They are lighter than steel doors, but tend to be expensive. They come in many different finishes, including anodized. Aluminum is also highly weather resistant compared to cold rolled or hot rolled steel. We recommend aluminum doors when you want that really high end look that impresses your friends and family or when you need doors meant to endure harsher weather conditions like rain and snow.

In the end, you need a metal door that suits your purpose. You also need doors that represent the quality you need for consistent use of your doors over time. Often people choose doors based purely on price. That can get them a door, but will ensure them a cheap door, where quality is compromised. These kinds of doors will not last over time. They destroy the hardware and the frame around the door, because of excess weight. Before long, these doors will cease to function as proper doors. That is why we recommend buying doors that are the strongest, straightest, lightest weight doors you can possibly get with the longest guarantee possible.

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