Latest Large Metal Door Construction


By Bradley Westinghouse

Many world class companies and the highest end homeowners have discovered the numerous benefits of metal doors.  They are more secure, more resistant to damage, offer more soundproofing, result in better privacy, and if done right they offer more protection from the elements.  They can also add a tremendous amount of visual appeal for someone who wants that extra high end appearance associated with a metal door appearance, especially with large metal doors that exude wealth and a high end budget.

Large Metal Doors

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Large Metal Doors?

Probably the biggest reason not everyone uses large metal doors is the cost itself, because the materials cost a lot and the doors are difficult to manufacture.  Many property owners steer clear because of the much higher expense compared to conventional doors.  Challenges in the manufacturing stage make them relatively difficult to make. Even doors made and sold often have design flaws, for example, excess weight that leads to slanting, sagging, and skewing of hardware and door frames.  For that reason, hardware and framing costs more than almost other type of door. You will need heavy duty hardware and better construction around the door.  That’s why we at, Large Metal Doors have done the work for you.  Our patented and patent pending methods have allowed us to manufacture metal doors that are up to 100% lighter than doors from other manufacturers. This way you can save large amounts of money on hardware and construction costs.

Strong Light Weight High End Large Metal Doors

Metal Door Cost

Metal doors, especially large metal doors, do cost more.  We have to be completely honest about that fact.  The fact is that all metal door manufacturers produce doors that are expensive.  They are more expensive than many other styles of doors, because the materials are more expensive and the construction methods are rigorous compared to many types of doors.  The good news is that we have largely reduced the production costs due to innovations and special construction methods. No one else has methods like ours. The result is that you will find that our product prices are very competitive. You will also find that our product is stronger than any other product on the market, while still maintaining the light weights required for these types of door to perform better than doors from anyone else.

Why Large Metal Doors?

Our methods allow for doors that are tested by independent engineers as stronger than equivalent doors from other manufacturers.  Large Metal Doors has the door you want, the size you want, the type of door you want, made with the materials you need, with our signature guarantee against warping and bending.  We deal with the highest end customers all the way from the lowest tip of Texas to the highest peak of Alaska, we are the only company everyone in the world can feel comfortable buying large metal doors from.  Not too many people know it, but Kanye West and Donald J. Trump both use large metal doors. We have the biggest and the best metal doors.  That’s why we specialize in metal doors more than anyone else.





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