Large Metal Door Problems and Solutions

by Avner Mendelstein

The latest years in design and architecture have brought us a rapid rise in popularity of large metal doors. Huge metal doors, oversized metal doors, giant metal doors, big metal doors, wide metal doors, broad metal doors, tall metal doors, thick metal doors, sturdy metal doors, damage resistant metal doors, reinforced metal doors all fit into the same category. Those kinds of doors come in many different finishes as well. Some of the popular finishes are large polished metal doors, large shiny metal doors, and large brushed metal doors.

Metal Door Problems

What we found out is that there are many manufacturers of metal doors, but very few companies who can make large metal doors, even fewer who can do it right. So many problems can arise from large metal doors.

broken twisted aluminum large metal doors
Broken metal aluminum doors from competitors.

One of the biggest problems that can come along with metal doors, especially large metal doors, is weight. By and large, metal tends to be heavier than wood, meaning you can make large metal doors that are simply too heavy for builders to handle and install. The weight behind these doors can also cause undue stress on door hardware and areas surrounding the door. We have seen cases where the doors broke the hinges, caused broken tracks and sliders, cracked door jambs and expensive molding around the door, all because of the weight of the metal doors. It’s more common than you think that the doors themselves might even break, bend, or crack. They are also very susceptible to warping. If your large metal doors warp, they will not close properly and will become non-functional.

Twisted, broken, damaged, large aluminum metal panels from competitors.
Twisted, broken, damaged, large aluminum metal panels from competitors.


That is why we have found the best solutions to problems. The number one solution is to make the door stronger. Using patented and patent pending methods, we have found the doors can be made vastly stronger and with less problems than any other door. They can be made up to 100 times stronger than doors from another manufacturer.

best strength, light weight, and visual appeal for your large metal doors
The best strength, light weight, and visual appeal for your large metal doors.

The other piece of the puzzle is to make the door lighter than any other door. Because heavy doors are a huge problem in the industry, doors that can shave pounds upon pounds off of the overall weight of the door move to the top of the heap among all door manufacturers. Doors using our technology can be up to 90% lighter weight compared to competitor doors!

We have made the technology 100% eco-friendly, by using a process that uses no waste and takes very little energy to produce. Most door manufactures have a great deal of excessive weight compared to ours.

very large metal doors light weight
These doors can be lifted very easily with only two workers.

Picking Your Large Metal Door

You need the best large metal door you can possibly get, which means you would otherwise have to wade through all the information to pick the right door for your purpose. The way to go is to pick the size you want your doors and start with that as a base. Then decide if you would rather have a hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel large metal door. You can also choose aluminum large metal doors. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are using this door for residential or commercial purposes, your door will create the best impression it possibly can for your customers.

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