Valuable Video Resources for Installing Metal Doors

Once you have acquired the door to your job site, the job is in your contractor’s hands. However, if you are a Do-It-Yourself person, it is very important that you go over the installation instructions very carefully.  Below you will find links that can help you in case you might be forgetting something. This is also important for safety reasons.


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YouTube is always a valuable video resource. Check out the Steel Door Institute Video Channel. They are a leading authority. The Steel Door Institute (SDI) was established in 1954 as a voluntary, non-profit business association that develops quality and performance standards for steel doors and frames. SDI’s standards are available without charge. Design professionals around the world specify these standards because they are concise and regularly updated with leading industry practices. Only SDI Certified manufacturers undergo recurring audits to ensure compliance with our standards for strength, quality and consistency. By specifying SDI Certified, you can be assured you will receive a product that is well-constructed, tested, and evaluated to meet your specifications.

Steel Door Institute steel door institute

It’s essential that doors and frames are installed properly. People often blame the manufacturer when there are issues, when in fact the problem lies with poor installation. The videos below demonstrate how to install doors and frames the right way. This is from the Steel Door Institute Website. CHECK THESE VIDEOS OUT!


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If you have any questions, please contact us. Lets see if we can build you the type of metal door you want.

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