Why Architects and Designers are Turning to Metal Doors

Many designers, builders, and architects are always trying to come up with new styles that suit any purpose, yet compliment all other design aspects of the project.  That’s a huge challenge, considering the number of design choices professionals must deal with on a daily basis. One of the latest trends pushing the limits of interior and exterior design is the use of metal components, which give commercial and residential locations that extra flair.  It is a known fact that Donald Trump uses metal doors at Mar-a-Lago. That’s because metal doors serve so many functions.

There are so many styles of metal doors to choose from.  Among the choice are flush metal doors, metal double doors, metal fire doors, metal doors with glass, louvered metal doors, 6-panel metal doors, 2-panel metal doors, metal building doors, max-duty doors, heavy duty metal doors, light duty and medium duty metal doors,  metal doors with frames, stainless steel doors, copper doors, brass doors, bronze doors, aluminum doors, brushed metal doors, anodized aluminum doors, nickel doors, brushed nickel doors, bullet proof and bullet resistant doors, high STC metal doors that have sound resistant capacity, waterproof metal doors, embossed doors.

Large Metal Doors

What we have found is that metal doors can be used for commercial and residential purposes, especially as pivot doors and sliding doors.  They are also often used as room dividers and temporary barriers. They can be used with or without windows, for interior and exterior use, and provide great privacy and security for people who use them.  They can be made in any size. Small metal doors always maintain popularity, but there has been a recent surge in installations of large metal doors and even huge metal doors.

These are all reasons why architects and designers are so fond of metal doors.  Style is another great advantage of metal doors. Many end users report the astounding visual appeal.  We, at Large Metal Doors agree they offer some of the absolute best aesthetics of any doors out there, and when you combine all of the factors it’s easy to understand why metal doors have become so popular today.

Large Metal Doors

Metal doors are available at Home Depot, but customers often run into issues with pre-made metal doors.  One main complaint is that there is little to no customizability, meaning it’s almost impossible to find the correct door for your purpose.  Most often, metal door prefabs have little strength, are heavy, and are not built the correct size for higher end use.

There are many manufacturers, but we have found that SingCore has the best product.  There are so many doors available for replacement or retrofit situations. They can fitted with so many different hardware options.  Some of the most popular choices are door closers, locks, deadbolts, door thresholds and seals, even louvers. SingCore products are also stronger and lighter than any of the other products on the market.  The customer service is also fantastic. That is why they come with our highest recommendation.

Large Metal Doors. Large Metal Sliders, Large Metal Pivot Doors

In any case, metal doors are the right choice for all occasions.  Just keep in mind it is much more important to purchase a custom made metal door to suit all of your needs.


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