Commercial Metal Doors

When you are designing a commercial door, image is everything. For a business that needs a very large oversize door, especially a metal one, they should consider how the look and function of the door will affect their business.

Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

Here at Large Metal Doors we are proud to offer Sing Core patented core material inside metal skin materials. This core material is lighter than wood and stronger than steel by weight. Not only that, but the large amount of foam by volume provides excellent sound proofing and thermal properties. In almost every area of comparison, our core beats the pants off of traditional metal door construction.

Residential Metal Doors

The front door has always been an important part of any home. But today’s homeowner expects more than a quaint front door that conforms to the neighborhood.

Bigger is better! There are enough generically made standard-sized entry doors in the world. You want exclusivity. You want visitors to stop and stare at your front door. Our pivot doors demand attention. You might seek the extreme with an 8-foot-wide and 20-foot-tall pivoting door.

Imagine that first impression! Our large-scale doors are made possible by our proprietary pivoting door technology. We are the only door company in the world that engineers and manufactures our own pivot door hinges. Overseas transport is typically arranged via aircraft or oceanic shipping container.

Hollow Metal Doors Price

For pricing of our Sing Core door panels, metal skin with foam and vertical grain torsion box internal wood construction, please contact us via our pricing page.

Residential Steel Doors

Large Metal Doors is able to offer skins of almost any type of metal including:

  • Hot rolled steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coating
  • Anodized Aluminum

If you have a metal skin you would like to see on your door not listed above, we can probably make it for you. All of our doors are custom and we are glad to expand our offerings to meet your needs. Please contact us today, and let us know how we can help your project.

Double Steel Exterior Doors

When constructing steel exterior doors, one item of great concern is insulation value. Our core foam has an R value of 3.5 per inch, and we can upgrade to high insulation value foam of 6.5 per inch if desired. Furthermore, our metal skins to not touch front to back, which reduces thermal bridging that hounds typical metal door construction techniques.

Furthermore, our foam core is highly restive to sound penetration, which limits the ingress of distracting exterior sounds. On the other hand, our doors will also damping loud sounds originating inside the structure, and shield your neighbors from any annoyance.

If you need commercial grade rated sound proof doors, we have made such doors in the past and are happy to help you design a custom sound proof door that meets your needs and will pass rating / inspection required for your application.

Commercial Interior Doors

Interior doors are good candidates for our door construction technology.  Large Metal Doors’ doors come with a vast array of possibility of styles and are more capable than any other door on the market. If you have a large metal door project on your plate, let us help you finish your project in style!

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